ICRIS website is currently available with coalfield maps on 1:50000 scale, For user id & password please contact General Manager (Exploration), CMPDI, Ranchi. Email:icrishq@cmpdi.co.in || User Id and Password for Free Level 1 Access is : User Id -> icris and Password -> cmpdi
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Level-1:Free use of such data about coals, coal types, coal classification, brief description and characteristics of coalfields which are already publicised and available freely.
Level-2:Nominal fees for such data that are considered of unrestricted nature with additional service charges.
Level-3:Small fees for summary results of such exploration blocks where exploration is funded by Govt. under Promotional and Detailed exploration for Non-CIL blocks or volunteered by different coal companies. The fee to be based on a percentage of detail exploration cost, on the lines, adopted by GSI.
Level-4:Full cost of exploration for the supply of all details and Geological Report after suitable approval by the competent authority.

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